Re: Mild shock from drain pipe.
Posted by nicktheplumber on January 13, 2003 at 23:46:53:
In response to Re: Mild shock from drain pipe.
You have a ground fault somewhere in your electrical system. I could suggest checking out several areas, such as making sure your main service panel is grounded, that your hot and cold water pipes are grounded, etc... but unless you really know what your doing, this is the time to call in an electrician. You can get killed by faulty wiring, so get it inspected and fixed.

: A friend of mine installed a pedestal sink in which the drain pipe is thin walled metal going into cast iron in the wall. He was having trouble tightening the connections and checking for leaks when he noticed he was being shocked with the hot water on. There is an electric water heater and the old one was removed to locate a new one at a new location. What could cause a low voltage shock from a drain pipe?

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