Ceramic Tiles
Posted by WhiteKnight on January 13, 2003 at 19:59:57:

Please help i currently want to install 12"x12" ceramic tiles in my kitchen. I already purchased the tiles
as well as the grout and the mortar adhesive... the motar adhesive is STURDIFLEX latex adhesive flooring
reading the back of the bag it says I can install the new ceramic over the existiing 12"x12" vinyl floor tiles.
can i really do this ? Does it work? If not i have luan under these tiles the tiles have been down for a
number of yrs. if i have to pull up the 12"x12" vinyl tiles can i put the ceramic tiles down on the luan?
AND YES i have never laid ceramic tiles i have helped but this will be the first complete job i have
ever done myself and want to make it look great. the floor is stable and sturdy that is not a problem..

please help.


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