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Posted by Gary Slusser on January 13, 2003 at 11:08:59:
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: I installed a new well in October the water is hard, has iron and sulfer. In November I had a water softner installed along with a col sorb system (potasium permag)everthing is working well on the cold water side, but I continue to get the sulfer smell on the hot water side. The water heater is electric and is eight years old. I had the anode rod replaced in November and they also cleaned and flushed the tank with bleach. It was ok for one week an the smell returned. I continue to add bleach in the water softener and after a week the sulfer smell returns again. The softener regens every 330 gallons and the col sorb regens every three days. Could the hot water heater have bacteria biuld that is unable to clean out? Should I install a new hot water heater? I am open for any other plan you may have.

: Thanks Frank

In removing the old anode rod it�s next to impossible to accomplish that without skinning off some of the material and having it fall into the tank. In effect that is like not removing the rod. And there�s really no way to get any material that has fallen off into the tank out of the tank. There has to be sulfate and/or sulfate reducing bacteria in your water. And putting the new rod in undid any gain in removing the old one unless the new is aluminum as opposed to magnesium.

I suggest you drain and then flush the heater to get all �sediment� out that you can. Then sanitize the tank with bleach, let it sit for a few hours and then repeat the draining, flushing and sanitize it again but... unless you kill the bacteria before they get into the tank, or remove the rod, or replace with another type, the odor problem is likely to continue. And a new heater is going to have the same problem.

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