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Posted by stan on January 13, 2003 at 09:27:03:
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: Hello,
: About a month ago my kitchen sink clogged. I rented a drain snake and that appeared to solve the problem. Recently the sink has clogged again. I have used a plunger, the drain snake (a slightly smaller version I bought) and some powder enzyme stuff, but none of it appears to work. Nothing else in the house is backing up, just the sink, and the dishwasher which feeds into the disposal. I would be eternally greatful for any help anyone could provide. Thanks!

: Dan

There might be a "root" problem in your drain system. Sometimes grass and weed roots will grow into drainfields or sometimes in the seam or joint of an underground sewer or drain line.

If this is the case, people have used copper sulfate (available at some feed stores in bulk form). Copper sulfate is a "bluish" color and crystalline in form.

USE GLOVES ALWAYS, and put a cupful of copper sulfate crystals in a small plastic peanut butter jar and let set for 12 to 24 hours to disolve the crystals. Pour entire solution down the drain suspected of "root" problems. Do this on a monthly basic until the symptom clears.


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