Re: Bath faucet still leaking...
Posted by hj on January 13, 2003 at 07:52:51:
In response to Re: Bath faucet still leaking...
The worst possibility is that when you installed the new stems they were not in the fully retracted open position and when you inserted them you "punched" the seat membrane and cracked it. If that happened it is not repairable. But other than that, we cannot tell you what the problem is as long as the new stems and seats were the proper ones and were inserted correctly.

: I replaced the brass seatings in the line opening and rubber washers on stems, but still have leak. I double checked to assure seatings were properly screwed in and had not become dimpled or bruised during installation. they're o.k., but leak from spout continues. (I did not replace anything in shower stem, since it often does not affect leaking)....please help asap.
: Thanks, bb.

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