Garage drainage
Posted by JB on January 13, 2003 at 00:22:28:
I recently had my single gagrage doubled and a new garage slab was put in. I had asked for a drain to be inset into the floor to handle melted snow, etc but learned it was against the code because of possible oil drips, etc. The floor was sloped towards the door, (stress cuts were also made on the floor) but it has since settled and defeated the slope. Water now collects right under the front wheels of the car as the snow melts off, and moves laterally, making large puddles that must be walked through to go into the house, and soaking everything along the sides of the garage. I end up having to squeegee out the garage almost daily during winter weather.
I am thinking about drilling a hole/drain or slot through the concrete in two or three places to allow the water to escape into the gravel bed underneath (i.e., not tie into any sewers). Do you have any idea if this would be harmful to the floor, or if there would be another solution?

Many thanks,

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