Re: 3 stem shower replacement
Posted by tod mesirow on January 12, 2003 at 01:31:04:
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the one piece on the diverter stem that I failed to include when I replaced the washers at the end was a very very thin piece that it seems would prevent the stem to open all the way....before, there was always a small amount of water still going to the bath faucet; now more than half goes to the bath; could that very very thin little piece mean the difference? it's doesn't seem to make sense; it's a price pfister....


: : I recently replaced alll 3 handles and stems in my shower. Now not all of the water is diverted to the shower head. It is also hard to regulate the temperature coming out of the shower head.

: Had the same problem years ago because all 3 stems look the same. The replacement center diverter stem should have a 1 inch plastic washer near the threads. Your new diverter stem is the wrong one.

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