black particles in water
Posted by Steve on January 11, 2003 at 11:13:45:
About 30 months ago, a new master bedroom suite was completed. Since then we've had black particles show up in the water coming out of the spigot on the new tub and also in the spigot screens in the sinks and shower head screen. The particles have never appeared anyplace else in the house. All of our old and new piping is copper. We've lived here for more than 20 yrs. Our builder thought they could be from our well, so we installed a spin down filter after the existing neutralizer. The particles continued. Later, the mechanical contractor took water samples and found that we had hard water and told us that the black particles were being formed in the separate water heater for the addition and a water softener would solve the problem. We added a softener for the whole house and a separate spin down filter on the outlet of the addition's water heater. We still get particles and the newest filter is clear. We recently had a chemical analysis done and found the particles are mostly tin. The particles are fewer in number, size and frequency now, but they persist. Any ideas on where they are coming from? Will they ever go away? Should we be concerned about future water leaks in the addition?



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