Re: Trowelled cement shower
Posted by Sparks98 on January 11, 2003 at 03:03:29:
In response to Re: Trowelled cement shower
: I would like some advise as to what should go underneath
: my cement if I want to make it leak-proof
: Should I lay a solid sheet of lead and have the
: drain come through the middle?
: How do you attach the lead to the floor without
: puting holes in it?

: Any advise would be great

I have just installed such a shower, the cement base is referred to as a 'wetbed'. The previous advice by Sean sounds similar to what I did, but if you want a good step-by-step detailed manual with pictures to boot, then visit the John Bridge Forum ( Also, make sure to use a good butyle rubber caulk between the drain and the rubber liner or it WILL leak. Test it by filling with water overnight before laying down the wetbed.

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