Toilet clogged with roots - solution?
Posted by Greg on January 10, 2003 at 20:09:18:
My toilet would clog once in a while and then started to clog more and more often. It was getting progressively harder to free the clogs, at times completely clogged with no drainage.

The toilet is on a concrete slab. The cause was a weave of roots that entered the drain from the toilet's connection. The roots bored there way through the wax seal and completely covered the drain and started down the drain about 1 foot. Actually, so much of the wax seal was gone, that the seal was created by the roots. My plumber neighbor said that in all his 40 years of plumbing he had never seen this.

How would I get rid of this problem? Should I pour root killer around the pipe flange so that it can soak into the ground between the flange and concrete floor?


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