Re: how do I remove fiberglass shower pan drain?
Posted by Casman on January 10, 2003 at 09:27:57:
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: I'm removing a neo angle shower. it's about 15 yr old. it's on a plywood subfloor. the pan was not secured to the floor other than with a bead of caulking. i pulled the drain strainer out to detach the drain, but can't figure out how. The pan is loose, but is being held down by the drain. any idea how to undo the drain connection?

: thanks,
: bobb

Yup, I can guess, there is a thin metal rectangular flat shaped tool with a slot in the middle for a flathead screwdriver, when you remove the strainer, look around the inside of the opening and the round area should have 2 breaks in the circle that are flat the small flat rectangular bar fits flat into the opening with its sides fitting into the openings then the screw driver in the slot to loosen, then it lifts off.....takes about 20 seconds....

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