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Posted by Marvin2 on January 09, 2003 at 22:11:29:
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: : I've noticed that the cold inlet pipe going into my gas water heater is very hot. What would cause this? Also the kitchen tape cold has warm water coming out when I first open it and takes about 30 seconds before it starts running cold. It is the closest fixture to the heater, by the way. Any ideas. Please help!!!!

: I once lived in a house where similar things happened. The cold taps at multiple locations seemed warm sometimes. Finally when hot water came out of the outside hosebib I took a closer look. It turned out that the public water came in the house at about 120psi and the person who did the plumbing (very possibly not a plumber) put a pressure reduction valve on the line after the split to the water heater. So only the cold line was at a low pressure and the hot water backfilled the cold lines due to this pressure difference. It's a longshot, but take a look at your plumbing in this regard.

:::Thanks. It was worth a shot but doesn't appear to be the case. Although, maybe the tank's PSI could cause backfilling? I'll look into it.

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