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Posted by jack on January 09, 2003 at 10:28:13:
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: : Two toilets [one - "old" code, one - "new" code] upstairs; one downstairs [old code]. Once "solid waste" clears the toilet bowl, everything is OK. Water flows from top of the bowl and from the bottom for the flush - OK. The gasket inside the tank stays open the appropriate amount of time. I've checked the vent stack on the roof; from what I can see with a flashlight, no critters have built a nest inside the stack.

: : Totally puzzled as to why getting "solid waste" out of the bottom of the bowl is such a problem for ALL THREE toilets. Family joke - flush twice...before you use TP and after you use TP; then it works OK.

: : Status quo is bearable for the family; but it sure is an indiscrete subject to talk about with guests!!

: : Please help.

: Assuming you mean a 3.5 gal or bigger toilet tank as "old code," it should flush solid waste w/reasonable amount of paper if: (1) the tank is full (water level within one inch of the top of the overflow tube prior to the flush); (2) the tank flapper or ball valve is staying open long enough (until the tank water level is down to an inch or two from the bottom of the tank)for the bowl to get a full-tank flush; (3) the siphon jet action (the swirling action of the water in the bowl during flush) is working--some older, cheap toilets don't have siphon jet action. If your toilet has a one-inch hole near the exit drain from the bowl, it is a siphon jet type. Items one and two are the usual problem of a weak flush. A stopped up siphon tube is very, very rare.

: If you think the tank flush valve is the problem and it is a flapper, the pull chain should raise it up to almost vertical when the flush is initiated and the flapper should sort of slowly close down slightly behind the sinking water level in the tank.

: If you have a tank ball flush valve, it should raise to its highest limit when the flush is initiated and drop more slowly than the flapper until finally coming down quickly just before the tank is emptied.

: If your "new code" is a l.6 gal and is over two or three years old, it is probably just performing "normally"--which means below par. Get a new pressure assisted flush toilet or one of the new gravity flush models recommended in this website.

: Go now and may the "flush" be with you. (Sorry about that, just couldn't resist.)

Jim...considering you were answering my question after midnight, Ill accept your pun!

Your interpretation of "old code" and "new code" is correct.

RE the two older toilets, I've checked everything you mentioned: the water levels are OK; the flappers work correctly; the siphon is good, too.

RE the 1.6 gal, it is at least that old. I've contemplated replacing it with a pressure-assist everything, it comes down to $$$.

It just seems weird to me that ALL THREE are experiencing the same sympton. I thought for sure I would find some critter's nest in the vent stack and the problem would be solved. It's NEVER easy!! Maybe the vent stack wouldn't have been the problem, anyway,,,based on the symptom??

I guess the only relief is to bite the old bullet and buy three pressure assisted toilets.

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