Re: frozen nut on Moen faucet
Posted by Jim on January 09, 2003 at 00:51:41:
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If you have a Dremel tool or a B & D RTX rotary tool, put an abrasive metal cutting disc on the tool and goggles on your face and then grind through the nut until you reach the threads on the stalk of the faucet. Then insert a screwdriver or chisel into your cut and spread the opening until the nut breaks open. The nut is usually brass and gives up pretty easily once it is spread. If you have to unscrew the loosened nut from the stalk, wear a glove so you don't get metal splinters from the ground cut.

If the nut continues to fight, grind another cut on the opposite side, spread it, and the now two-piece nut will fall--hopefully not into your eye--(again wear glasses or goggles when doing this). Clean the threads on the faucet stalk with a wire brush before attempting to replace the new mounting nut.

If you don't have a rotary tool, this is a tough job because there usually isn't enough room to use a chisel and hammer or a hacksaw. You can try cleaning the nut and the threads with a wire brush and then gloming the whole area with WD40. Wait overnight. Put a deep wall socket or a basin wrench on the nut, have someone hold onto the faucet from above, apply enough force to approach redline on your hernia dial, and the nut might give up--but don't bet on it. Good luck.

: I have a nut that is frozen on the pipe which basically holds the faucet to the sink. On this Moen Extenza faucet this pipe also connects to flexible/extendable pipe which is connected to the faucet head/sprayer. To make a long story short I cannot get this nut off because the pipe has deposits on it which make it impossible without some sort of "tricks of the trade". Can you help me?

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