New Bathroom in basement
Posted by Kevin C. Zee on January 08, 2003 at 11:26:30:
OK... So my wife wants a bath in the basement w/ toilet & sink (maybe a small shower). Now, I see down there a hole for the toilet flange and a pipe coming up for a sink drain. There is also a third hole that I would think is a vent - or, possibly a shower drain. We have a septic system so there is a pit for the pump nearby.

My question (one of many, actually). Is that third hole a vent or would the venting take place from the pit (there are two holes in the pit cover). The reason I think it is a shower drain is because it is situated 8' from the wall - that makes the minimum size of the room 8' x 5.5'. This seems rather big unless there was a small shower in it. If you need a picture of it, I can put up a link to it...

Thanks in advance,

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