Connecting PVC to Cast Iron
Posted by James Salmon on January 06, 2003 at 14:50:30:
I am putting a bathroom in the basement and I need to tie my new pvc drain pipes into the old cast iron stack. There is a 3 & 1/2" cleanout T on the cast iron stack that sits about 6" off the concrete floor. I could cobble together a connection to the cleanout T but I don't have enough head room to build a raised floor.

As a result I need to jackhammer out around the cast iron stack where it goes into the concrete floor and snap-cut out the old cast iron T cleanout and put a rubber boot with a T in its place.

1. My first question is how far down the cast iron pipe will extend before it turns / elbows or whatever. If it extends straight down at least 12" or so before it "turns" that will make the job a lot easier. Anybody have any experience with this issue?

2. My second question is how long it will take to jackhammer the drain "path" for the drain lines from the tub and toilet to the cast iron stack pipe. The house is a 1949 cape code with a poured basement and a the basement floor is poured concrete. I doubt there is any rebar in there but again I'd like to know what others have encountered. I'll have to jack hammer out a 5" - 6" drain path 4" wide for a total of about 15-20'. I'd like to do this all in one day but I suspect I may have to rent the jack hammer one day and the snap-cutter the second day.

3. Third, I'd like to know if there is a resource that will provide precise locations for the toilet stub up and that tub/shower stub up so I can jack hammer the drain paths in the right location.

4. I also need to know if any special treatment of the jackehammered drain path will be required. Do I need to line it with peagravel / clay / dirt or nothing?

5. Finally, if I cover the drain pipes with quick-crete and smooth it out what additional floor preparation will be required to install tile down there. Would it be cheaper and easier to pour a colored concrete floor instead?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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