Re: Can a vent pipe get clogged?
Posted by hj on January 06, 2003 at 08:11:43:
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Water does not get "siphoned back up" unless you have a suction in the house. And if everything else is operating properly, and you do not have mechanical vent fittings on the sinks, then a plugged, or missing vent, would cause the sink, toilet, etc., to drain faster than normal. You have an obstructed drain line and it has to be snaked with a proper sized snake to unplug it.

We just recently had our basement drains start backing up whenever our waching machine drained. Additionally, our basement toilet is gurgling when the waching machine drains. I was thinking that the vent pipe might be clogged with ice/snow (Ohio), causing the wastewater to be siphoned back up. Is this possible?

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