Converting skew pan to p-trap
Posted by Mark on January 05, 2003 at 22:48:59:
I have a RH skew pan that is sitting 195mm (centre of the outlet pipe) from the back wall. I want to replace the whole unit. I have been told that I can use a P-trap with a turn trunk as long as it will join to the existing outlet.

I want to use an ideal standard "reflections" low-level
suite. This is built to sit 265mm from the wall. I have been told that I need to use an sk42 90 degree adapter to turn the output to the right. This pipe appears to have 80mm from where it seats to the pan and the centre of the pipe.

My existing plumbing is 80mm the suit is 100mm.

I figure that 265-80 = 185 which is 10mm closer to the wall that the existing pan. The connector that adapts 100mm to 80mm will be a rubber boot. Will this boot take up the 10-20mm difference or is some other solution required ?

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