toilets - flushing problem
Posted by jack on January 05, 2003 at 17:13:13:
Two toilets [one - "old" code, one - "new" code] upstairs; one downstairs [old code]. Once "solid waste" clears the toilet bowl, everything is OK. Water flows from top of the bowl and from the bottom for the flush - OK. The gasket inside the tank stays open the appropriate amount of time. I've checked the vent stack on the roof; from what I can see with a flashlight, no critters have built a nest inside the stack.

Totally puzzled as to why getting "solid waste" out of the bottom of the bowl is such a problem for ALL THREE toilets. Family joke - flush twice...before you use TP and after you use TP; then it works OK.

Status quo is bearable for the family; but it sure is an indiscrete subject to talk about with guests!!

Please help.

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