Toilet Wax Seal
Posted by Joel McLaughlin on January 04, 2003 at 18:17:35:
I have to replace a Wax Seal on a Toilet installed less then 5 years ago. I plan on doing it myself, but should I go back to the Plumber that installed it and have them fix it? I know I have to replace it because the floor feels wet sometimes after flushing. No puddles, but it gets wet.I believe the installation was faulty as this toilet never look totally right to me. It may have not been level and it has always seemed to wiggle a bit but has recently gotten worse(the wiggling). Also, I have not been told by the plumber or builder how to turn the water off on the toilets. It has a round plastic shutoff valve with a screw in the middle. I turn it and it does nothing. I will probably just shut off the main but would rather not as I have a 3 year old learning how to go and if he has to go when I am in the middle of know what I mean!

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