Slower flushing toilet w/ solids, TP psssibly too thick?
Posted by Brian S. on January 04, 2003 at 05:05:13:
Hello, the toilet in my master half bath seems to have a lazy flush with solids for some reason, but flushes just great when there's nothing in it or if it's liquid waste. It never clogs ,and the bowl always clears, but it seems to take a bit more effort to flush #2's. My parents just bought this house about a month ago, and the toilet flushed the #2 more forcefully then. Should I stop using Charmin Plus and use a lighter tissue? The house is old (1947), but my half bath was added about 12 years ago, and all of the drainpipe in the entire house is ABS. My toilet is a 1989 Kilgore 201WS 3.5 gpf unit if this helps. Any input on what I could do would be appreciated.

Best wishes,


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