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Posted by hj on December 31, 2002 at 08:33:41:
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You either have a plugged toilet or a partially plugged drain line. Each has a different solution so you have to determine the real problem before you do anything else. Neither one of them normally requires removing the toilet, and in most cases removing the toilet just makes the job of the professional plumber more difficult since he has to replace it before he can duplicate your problme.
: The basic toilet problem of a clogged toilet. I haven't seen a discussion on this. We've been thrilled with our toto toilet until one day it stopped being able to handle the "load". Now it seems that every time there is a "load" to handle, we have to pull out the plunger and work for a while to get it to go down. Extra flushings definitely don't help the situation. Any hints to prevent this problem, or a better solution than the plunger?

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