Re: clogged toilet
Posted by ClogCleaner on December 31, 2002 at 02:23:07:
In response to Re: clogged toilet the toilet "old"?.....I think thats a good toilet. Did anything fall into the toilet? you or a drain cleaner/plumber needs to pul the toilet up...take it outside, back wash it and see if anything has fallen into the toilet....fill it up with water outside and test the flushings afterwards...i would also have the sewerline cabled from the hole in the floor where the toilet was just to be safe......hope this helps..: The basic toilet problem of a clogged toilet. I haven't seen a discussion on this. We've been thrilled with our toto toilet until one day it stopped being able to handle the "load". Now it seems that every time there is a "load" to handle, we have to pull out the plunger and work for a while to get it to go down. Extra flushings definitely don't help the situation. Any hints to prevent this problem, or a better solution than the plunger?

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