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Posted by hj on December 29, 2002 at 09:07:36:
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There are a couple of ways to go. Some boilers have provision for an immersion coil to heat the hot water, and the second option is a "side arm" heater which uses the boiler to heat a remote coil. Either will do the job you want, assuming the proper controls are installed and it is piped properly. But, in spite of what has been said in other replies, the hot water is not "free". The boilet has to be large enough to handle the added load, and the boiler will have to be operated in the summer time to keep the hot water supply available. Even in the winter time, the hot water usage will increase the gas bill.
: Coming spring I want to have installed a new highest efficiency boiler for hot water heating system in my home.I would also like to incorporate domestic hot water within the same system rather than have a separate domestic hot water device.
: I invite recommendations and have-used-it- myself opinions which way to go and if any specific brand names of the equipment.Thanks

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