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Posted by Dennis on December 28, 2002 at 19:09:08:
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This is Toto's answer.

> The trapway is glazed, but only once. This results in a rougher surface
> then the rest of the toilet which is glazed a few times over. The
> performance won't be affected. If you have any more questions or concerns
> then email me and I will address them.
> Sincerely,
> Steven Culver
> Technical Support Engineer
> Toto USA
> Phone - 888-600-9668
> Email -

I suppose you could get into a debate about what
"fully glazed" means. To me this is not "fully
glazed" but my main concern is: 1. That the toilet
work well, and 2. That manufacturers don't take
too much liberty in their ads just because they
feel that they can get away with it because the
consumer is generally not in a good position to
determine what the truth is. Apparently almost
all of the toilets are fully glazed by this
definition, so what seems to be a feature is
actually not much of a feature at all. I own a
manufacturing business, and I would not let this
type of advertising copy go out without at least
a footnote explanation.

: I sent an e-mail to Toto also.
: It should be interesting to see
: what they say, if they respond
: at all.

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