Please help! Noisy bathtub drain
Posted by thisolehouse99 on December 27, 2002 at 17:11:26:
the main bath tub in my home has always been a problem because it periodically drains ver-r-r-r-y slowly. Plumbers have looked at it, I've snaked it out before, poured stuff down, and it gets better, but now it's really bad. When showering, the tub fills and then when it finally drains, it makes this "bloop, blooping" sound for about 45 minutes! One plumber says it's because the house is old, and has iron (galvanized??) pipes which I should replace; that rust in the pipes is causing the problem. However, no other sink or drain in the house has this problem, ever, so I wonder if that is the true cause. Beyond remodeling, is there anything else that can be done, since in this part of the country, it would take a century to find a decent company to do the work. Thanks!

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