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Posted by ClogCleaner on December 27, 2002 at 10:27:23:
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Ask your brother-in law if water is exiting through the outside wall when he runs water in those sinks.If so, then he can unstop that drain from the outside wall clean-out. He can rent a sink-line electric drain machine at a Home Depot or similar type store for around $30.00. Tell him to let the hot water run slow as he runs the drain machine from the outside.Now if the water is filling up in the sinks and dishwater and NOT running out of the outside wall cleanout, then the stoppage is somewhere close. i would recommend that you call a well-known drain cleaner. Look in you Greensheet newspaper in your area, or your thrifty nickle paper and look in the busines ad. You should find one who will do it for around $50-$75.00. If they dont give you a price over the phone dont use them.Ask them about a warranty of their work.They may have to take some piping under your sink aloose to run a snake to the stoppage. Have you tried to vigerously plunge the sinks with two plungers. Have a friend hold down on the plunger on one side of the sink while you vigerously plunge the other side. Sometimes this works very quickly.


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