RE: Sudden Drain Clogg ***
Posted by Casman on December 27, 2002 at 09:56:31:
My brotherinlaw called and needs help. He's selling his house and suddenly his double sink w/dishwasher is backing up. The water fills both sinks and dishwasher. He ran a hand snake but said it only went 8 feet then stopped. I loaned him my snake and it went 25 feet, then he broke it somehow. Pulled it out with not much but black muck on snake, but it still doesn't drain. He was going through the wall location. He called out a plumber and he said,well I can fix it but it'll be around 275.00. He said get a sawsall, a garden hose, and a drainblaster? and fix it yourself. He suggested tearing into the wall under the sink to find the cleanout, said that'll make it easier for the snake. None of the other drains in the house are affected! The house is a tri-level. I'm supposed to help him tomorrow but I don't know what to do? I thought I'd check the vent on the roof but other than that I'm lost. What would cause the sudden stoppage and what should we do?

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