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Posted by hj on December 27, 2002 at 08:47:14:
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I would have to locate my Taco cd to check that exact one, but the 006 and 008 series both are cartridge type without a seal, so they may be magnetic coupled. If yours is the same, then the impeller can stick without affecting the motor, but also without pumping. The impeller unit since it is cartidge is easy to replace, if that is truly the problem. It would require onsite evaluation to determine if it is the pump or some other factor in the system causing the problem.

: HJ, thanks for the response! The circulator is a
: TACO model 007-F4. Do you know anything about
: that one?

: : The make and model of cirulator is important. Some of the indirect drives are magnetic coupled and if the impeller sticks the motor will still run, but it will not operate the impeller. Other pumps have a coupler you can see to tell if the motor is operating or not.

: : : I have a Peerless WV-04-125-WPCT boiler. Over the past year I've had several occurrences of a
: : : problem where hot water does not circulate when the thermostat calls for heat. In Feb of 2002 I was
: : : told the system was air-locked. The zones were purged and I had no further problem until a couple
: : : weeks ago. I could hear the circulator humming/buzzing but it was not moving the hot water. In about
: : : 2.5 hours, the circulator spontaneously started moving the water. A service guy came out and said there
: : : must have been an air bubble the circulator was spinning on. Next morning the same thing happened.
: : : I shut the power off for 10 minutes and when I turned it back on the circulator again worked OK.
: : : Service came and purged the zones, but the same thing occurred last night. I shut off the power and
: : : turned it right back on and water once again circulated. I don't think the system is air-locked, but rather
: : : that I have a bad circulator motor. One service guy said a humming circulator indicated it was spinning
: : : on an air bubble, but could a defective motor sound the similar.
: : : Thanks, Mark A.

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