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Posted by Terry Love on December 26, 2002 at 13:02:13:
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: Terry,

: Are the particles blue or can they be white? If the waterheater (gas) is 6 years old, do you recommend fixing the old and replacing the whole unit? How is the dip tube replaced and how much should the repair cost if professionally done?

Replacing the dip tube, ball park pricing, $190
Flushing the tank of the particles, ( hard to say )
It may be a quick job, or not.
One thing you can do for now, is to attach a hose to the drain on the heater and flush it out.
That is an easy job for a homeowner.
It sounds like your diptube is getting shorter.
Thus, you have less hot water. Terry

: I recently had to raise the temp on my gas water heater to C (A,B,C and Very Hot) and we still have to keep raising the hot water levels during showers. I took the shower head off because of the noticable drop in water pressure and found tiny white particles and one long sliver of of white plastic. I have flushed the hot water heater and got a bunch of minerals which are white and green.

: Coincedentally, all of this began shortly after we had a central humidifier installed. They tapped the hot water line 8" above the hot water heater.

: Since cleaning out these particles from the shower heads, water pressure is once again normal. I shut off the water supply to the humidifer with no change, so now I am think the hot water heater has issues.

: Thoughts?

: Thanks,

: Neil

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