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Posted by Neil on December 26, 2002 at 03:43:08:
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Are the particles blue or can they be white? If the waterheater (gas) is 6 years old, do you recommend fixing the old and replacing the whole unit? How is the dip tube replaced and how much should the repair cost if professionally done?

I recently had to raise the temp on my gas water heater to C (A,B,C and Very Hot) and we still have to keep raising the hot water levels during showers. I took the shower head off because of the noticable drop in water pressure and found tiny white particles and one long sliver of of white plastic. I have flushed the hot water heater and got a bunch of minerals which are white and green.

Coincedentally, all of this began shortly after we had a central humidifier installed. They tapped the hot water line 8" above the hot water heater.

Since cleaning out these particles from the shower heads, water pressure is once again normal. I shut off the water supply to the humidifer with no change, so now I am think the hot water heater has issues.




: Rakesh,
: The particles are most likely the "dip tube" of the water heater. There was a recall in 1999 for dip tubes, however the settlement period is over now. One problem that they cause, is of course the plugged up aeators on faucets.
: As they break off and get shorter, the next problem becomes reduced capacity of the heater.
: The water starts taking a shorter route to the hot outlet, leaving most of the water setting unused in the tank.
: Terry

: : Hi,
: : Since the last week the water pressure in our kitchen sink and one of our bathroom sinks has dwindled down to a few drops. I tried opening the ends of one of the bathroom faucets and found these blue colored particles that were blocking the water flow. I cleaned them out and the water flow improved a lot. What are these particles and why do they show up only through certain outlets?

: : thanks,
: : Rakesh

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