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Posted by hj on December 25, 2002 at 21:08:19:
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: Under your kitchen sink and your lavatories cut the pipe that sticks out of the wall. Cut it fairly tight because you won't have a lot of room to work under there. Find a venting tee and glue that venting tee to the but pipe. When you are done you should have a straight open pipe if you're looking straight into the pipe. The back side of that tee will be glued. The top part of the tee should be pointing straight up. I like to use a level to get it perfect.

: Now take a male trap adapter designed to glue INSIDE of that 1�" fitting. this is where you re-connect your trap.

: On the top of that tee, glue in a small section of pipe and glue in a studor vent on top.

: If you do this to every lavatory and your kitchen sink, there's a pretty good chance that you'll have the air you need without having to strap pipe along the outside wall of your house or tear out sheetrock and all that mess. Without actually seeing the job with my own eyes, I would wager this solution will work for your problem.

: Try to buy the studor vent at a plumbing supply shop. They have two different types that I have seen. A larger size and a smaller size, usually It was probably installed by someone who thought all there is to plumbing is knowing how to put pipes together and make sure they run downhill.

with adapters for 1� or 2" pipe. You should use
the smaller size because of space limitations. Also make sure you leave enough room at the top to get the studor vent screwed in to the adapter at the top.

: Who the hell did the plumbing and how did they get it past the inspector. buncha damn bumblefucks...

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