Boiler circulator problem
Posted by Mark A. on December 25, 2002 at 14:52:55:
I have a Peerless WV-04-125-WPCT boiler. Over the past year I've had several occurrences of a
problem where hot water does not circulate when the thermostat calls for heat. In Feb of 2002 I was
told the system was air-locked. The zones were purged and I had no further problem until a couple
weeks ago. I could hear the circulator humming/buzzing but it was not moving the hot water. In about
2.5 hours, the circulator spontaneously started moving the water. A service guy came out and said there
must have been an air bubble the circulator was spinning on. Next morning the same thing happened.
I shut the power off for 10 minutes and when I turned it back on the circulator again worked OK.
Service came and purged the zones, but the same thing occurred last night. I shut off the power and
turned it right back on and water once again circulated. I don't think the system is air-locked, but rather
that I have a bad circulator motor. One service guy said a humming circulator indicated it was spinning
on an air bubble, but could a defective motor sound the similar.
Thanks, Mark A.

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