Re: My Shower takes ages to warm up
Posted by Michael Young on December 25, 2002 at 08:32:41:
In response to Re: My Shower takes ages to warm up
If you are getting instant hot at the other fixtures in the house then you can rule out that there is trouble with the boiler. However, you mentioned that this problem is *new* which would suggest that the fixture is NOT plumbed improperly, otherwise this problem would have been a persistent problem since the very beginning. So the real question is "what has changed"

If I had to make a guess I would guess that you have a non-working element in that water tank and you only have one element providing hot water.

But you mentioned you have a boiler (I'm guessing something like Apollo). If you have an Apollo, I have only seen gas-fired burners on Apollo units. If it's gas, your thermostat is probably malfunctioning and not allowing the water to get hot enough. Unfortunately, the thermostat on an Apollo is built into the gas valve.

If you want to save about $340-$400 you can do it yourself. Drain the tank. Use a chain wrench. Simply disconnect the three gas lines from the valve and spin the entire gas valve counter-clockwise. Then use teflon tape on the threads for the new gas valve (about four or five turns). And spin the new gas valve on using that chain wrench. Now reconnect everything and light'er up.

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