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Posted by hj on December 24, 2002 at 23:27:25:
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From your description, you do not have an inadequate vent, you do not have any vents. If this it the case, then the whole system would have to be evaluated to see where they can be installed. You also have to realize that at least one vent, preferably the one furthest from the sewer connection should be a vent through the roof.

: The stack vent is about 100 ft. from my house at my workshop. Why is this..,a former home in the location of the present one burned. Before the rebuilding I installed a toilet in the shop...ran the drain line on up about 100 ft. Now, when this house was built we just hooked on to the drain line and put no more vents. Only problem has been flushing of one toilet cause the toilet bowl water to be lowered in the other 2 toilets. One toilet is upstairs and 2 downstairs. The main bath gives no problem at all but the other 2 will get low enough to allow sewer smells in. I have read enough on here that I understand more vent is needed on the drain line to the septic tank. I am wondering if I installed an inline vent on the main line going up to the upstairs toilet would that be suficient enough to stop the water from becoming low in the toilets? The toilets and kitchen sink is all that is on the septic tank line. The kitchen sink gives no problem. I have lived with it for years but want to to something about it now. Thank you.
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: : There are very few vents that are inadequate, even if they are not the specified size. There is often a wide gap between what is required and what will work, unless the vent is completely missing. What is your exact problem?

: : : The vent for my sewer system is not adequate. Would like to know if I put a 1 1/2" inline vent in the 3" drain pipe would it help matters. Do they make a 3" inline vent? Thank you.

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