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Posted by Terry Love on December 24, 2002 at 13:52:05:
In response to Re: Toto MS853113S

Trapways should not be glazed all the way to the end. If glazing extends past the outlet, and onto the bottom of the toilet, the wax will not "stick" to the base.
We're talking a major source of leaks if the wax doesn't "stick" to the bottom of the base.

It is rare for any brand of toilet to glaze the entire trapway, yet they all claim it.
I've concluded, that until they all get "real", that the claims will continue.

I find that quality control on the Toto line is very good. Much better than other brands.

Most of my sales are "repeat" sales.
Even my mother insisted that I not remove "her" Ultramax when I tested one in her home for a short while. She gets easily 35-40 people of all ages over on weekends. A good place for testing.

: Toto's site says that the MS853113S has a
: "Wider, 2 1/8� computer designed, fully glazed trapway"
: The one I have doesn't seem to be fully glazed.
: I only need to feel a couple of inches inside the trap
: to find a rough surface without any glaze.

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