Re: Totos - anyone used one in an old house?
Posted by Terry Love on December 24, 2002 at 13:26:00:
In response to Re: Totos - anyone used one in an old house?

I have sold and installed many of the G-Max and Power-Gravity Toto toilets in older homes. They work very well. Most of the water leaves in seconds, with very good drainline carry. Terry Love

: Totos seem to rule, along with a couple of other brands. I'm almost set on buying a Toto but have one concern left. I have a 1953 house with cast iron drain pipe. I'm concerned that a gravity flush, even a good one, may not send enough water through the pipe with enough force to drain properly, since cast iron pipes are rough inside & were made to drain "stuff" because of the sheer volume of water going through them. New houses are made with PVC & smooth surface piping. I may be worrying for nothing, but I'm wondering if all those who are happy with Totos have been using them in older houses or new houses with the smooth piping. I could instead get a pressure assisted toilet, like the Gerber, but I'd prefer the quieter & easier to maintain gravity Totos. Also, I can't be sure that my old house will always have enough pressure for the PA to work properly (but there again, it might....I might be concerned over nothing).

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