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Posted by Ricky on December 24, 2002 at 09:31:05:
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: : I have the same sink and my house was built in the same time period. I just put it on the wall yesterday...

: : You should definitely bolt the sink into the tile wall, but I doubt that you will need the 2X4 - here's why: I think the 2X4 install tip is for new construction. IN other words, behind your tile is most likely NOT drywall or greenboard. It is most likely a mud or mortar wall.

: : Look at your access panel for the shower and you should see metal and something like concrete coming thru it. If this is the case you have a pretty sturdy wall to drill into and bolt the sink too. They sell special tile bits, be careful drilling the tile! Use an anchor as well.

: : The base itself definitely will not hold that sink up... The base should probably be bolted into the floor but mine isn't.

: Thanks - exactly as you described it was accurate. I used toggle bolts to secure it to the wall. There was tile, then plaster or mud in a wire mesh behind it. A hell of a time to drill in. I put the sink in - and have yet to bolt to the floor. There is no way I'll find a bolt long enough as we have a tile floor, then about 24 inches of cement. Instead, it was suggested that I use liquid nails. My fear - it never comes off.

-- Cool, I'm glad it worked out for you. I wouldn't worry about the base now; the weight of the sink sitting on the base should be good enough to keep it in place. Maybe put a bead of silicone caulking around the base if anything... Merry Christmas - Ricky.

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