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Posted by Gary Slusser on December 23, 2002 at 13:31:48:
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: We have a water filtration system (Just for information) Lately we've notised that when we fil our tub, the woter is not as clear and clean looking as it use to be. It's not tinted a bit brownish. Do you think this could have something to to with the filtration system (I just checked to be sure there was enough salt. Or do you feel it may be the hot water heater. When we fill the tub with cold water it is not brownish, although it's not a clean looking as it use to be.

: Thanks
: Steve

Another suggestion here. The water from the water heater is older than the cold water you use to compare the two with. If the filtration and/or softener weren�t doing their job right for a time and you use hot water, you get �dirty� water in the heater. Until you run enough hot water to flush the dirty water from the heater you can�t get a true comparison. You could also drain and flush the heater and inspect the water to see its quality. You could simply have enough sediment in the bottom of the heater to cause the discoloration. Or, there could be something wrong with the filtration and/or softener. Like iron getting through that then converts to rust in the heater, discoloring the water.

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