Re: Brownish Hot Water
Posted by Gary Swart on December 22, 2002 at 21:46:26:
In response to Re: Brownish Hot Water
I'd suspect the hot water tank is rusting out. If the coloration was in the cold too, then the filter would be likely the culprit. The color ot the water indicates rust. It would be a little exercise, but you could put a bypass around the water heater and see if that makes a difference. There should be a shutoff valve on the output side of the heater. Shut off the water coming into the tank, open the joint, and put a piece of pipe from the input to the output. You won't have any hot water while you do this, but it wouldn't take too long. Turn the hot water faucets on. If the water is clear, tank is rusted. If the water is still colored, problem elsewhere.

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