Cannot locate main water shutoff valve to house
Posted by Brian S. on December 21, 2002 at 05:40:54:
Hello, my parents just bought their first house, and we can't seem to find the water shutoff anywhere. We asked the previous owners, and they said it's in the alley behind our backyard. Well I went back there only to find the city main valve that requires a special tool only they have to turn it off. We have a leaky shutoff valve under our kitchen sink that needs replacing, but we can't until we find the gate or ball valve that turns it off. Should we call the city or a plumber to help us find the valve? It scares us that if something breaks, we have no way to turn the water off. It is an older home (1947), and so is it possible there is no other valve besides the city main? Thanks in advance for your input.