Rough in Kohler Revival
Posted by casman on December 19, 2002 at 10:52:11:
Well it said 12 inch rough in. I roughed early on at around 13 plus. Then later I shimmed out the entire wall. Right now from backwall to center of drain is 11 3/4". Will it fit? I purchased an offset flange but the joists are only true 2x 8's and when I set the flange over the opening it sits up way to high from the finish floor, this is of course without taking into consideration the vertical pipe itself,ie.,elbow with flange on top. I was also going to add 1/2 mdf beadboard which would leave only 11 1/4". Any solutions, as I see it I can still rip up the floor to access the drain. If this is the way to go can I simply cut, couple and extend the drain further from the wall?

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