tub completely stopped - help!
Posted by melody on December 18, 2002 at 21:10:07:
i just moved into an apartment house and my tub was draining a little slowly. I put some draino in it and that made it stop up. I then tried liquid plumber, but still it wouldn't work. Even with plunging it, with the overflow stuffed with a wet cloth, it took 12 hours to drain, and the plunging left a lot of gook, scum and rusty looking sediment in the tub. Now it won't drain at all. I tried an auger, 25 feet with a crank, but it goes in about 3 feet and hits something hard and I think metal, and even with cranking to the right while feeding it, it won't go any further. I tried plunging after that, and immediatly putting a hair trap over the drain so that none of the muck got back in, but it didn't help much. It seems to be draining a little, maybe a quarter of an inch every 3 hours. My superintendant won't return my calls, and I can't afford a plumber. I haven't showered in three days - please help. Thanks, Melody

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