Re: Pipes leading to washing machine smell like rotten eggs
Posted by Hari Atma on December 18, 2002 at 18:44:34:
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: :Dear Michelle,
Did you get your contamination problem taken care of yet? I too have a weird problem similar to yours. I did the wash a couple days ago and when finished the clothes smelled like gasoline or something real close to that. I had to redo the wash and even then they didn't smell better. Today the water coming out of the pipes smells like gas or like I said something close to it. So I called the gas co. They said they "never heard of something like that in all the 30yrs they've been in operation." She suggested I see the as built to see if there are any underground tanks.I checked and there aren't any.(at least none are shown on the asbuilt) She also said when the washer breaks maybe a part going out may smell like that. I called the appliance folks and they said "that's not what happens. It must be coming from your groundwater." So there you are; noone gave me a heads up its this. I believe it must be ground water contamination as yours must be. If your landlord doesn't fix the problem, ie check and correct ground water contamination I think you should move.
Good Luck,
Hari Atma
: Most odors in �potable� water are caused by the gas that bacteria produce. Usually all gases (H2S, methane etc.) will start to come out of solution and then migrate to the highest fixtures possible during times of no water use. As the water is used the reduction of pressure and aeration by the faucet etc. completes the precipitation from the dissolved state (solution) to gas and that releases the odor into the air. In my opinion you have a potential contamination problem.

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