Copper pipe leaching
Posted by G. Hill on December 18, 2002 at 15:41:11:
I built a new garage w/bath 3-years ago using 1/2 copper pipe. Have noticed a blue turquoise stain on lav and shower. Learned this fall it was due to low PH of our spring water. It was tested at 6.0 PH. The iron level is zero. Have learned that raising the PH level can be done by installing a canister w/limestone.

Questions: Is this explanation correct? Is the solution the best? Are there others? What is the best product on the market to solve this problem?

What is so curious is that our old house does not have the staining. 90% of the galvized lines were replaced in the 70's. We are experiencing reduced water flow due to the corrosion. Why no staining on our white cast iron kit sink and bathroom lav?

Thank for input and help.

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