Re: Replacing bath/shower fixtures when valve behind tile
Posted by papahreid on December 18, 2002 at 11:05:20:
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: You are thinking about replacing the tub and shower fixtures (just the parts that you can see- ) Right? A plumbing showroom wants you to buy an entire remodel, and wants to sell fixtures that they can cause you to believe won't fit your existing supply. I'd be willing to bet I can find you beautiful fixtures to fit what you have, very well.
: You should try the plumbing supply house that LICENSED plumbers use. The showrooms are too expensive for your budget at this time.

: : I am remodeling my bathroom and planned to replace everything except for the tub and the surrounding
: : tile. I plan to have the tub and tile resurfaced after I get the rest of the bathroom done. This is a guest
: : bath, so I want to keep the cost down.
: : I had planned to replaced the tub & shower fixtures, but after visiting a plumbing showroom
: : earlier today, I discovered that none of the new fixtures will fit the valve currently in place, and several
: : pieces of wall tile would need to be removed to access the valve to replace it. They are the common white
: : tile squares, so not difficult to find.
: : Question is, how difficult is this?
: : The person at the store told me that I would probably end up cracking a lot more tiles and loosening the
: : surrounding grout, and that if I don't plan to replace all of tile, I shouldn't consider replacing the valve.
: : Any opinions?

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