Dishwasher Leak (Pump I think)
Posted by Rob Williamson on December 17, 2002 at 21:31:06:
Well, found soaked carpet in the dinning room up against the wall. Wet spot and wall, was of course, opposite dishwasher in the kitchen. Pulled 4 year old GE washer out enough to check hot water line and disposal hose. Started up dishwasher and the leak does not come from there, but from the large black thing under the center of the dishwasher. I take it this is the pump. Have totally disconnected so I can put in the garage and try and dry things out with a box fan. What should I do? The leak did not seem to be coming from the dishwasher line that comes out of the pump, but from the bottom of the pump itself. I don't want to buy a pump, hoping it works. If I calleda repair place and drove the waher over there in my truck and dropped it off explaining the problem, would that save me any money? Do you think most repair places have hook ups to test dishwashers? Any help you can give would be much appreciated, with Christmas so close, the last thing I need is a new dishwasher or a hefty repair bill.

Rob in Austin

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