How do I dry fit PCV pipe?
Posted by Ron S. on December 17, 2002 at 11:29:06:
I have to test fit some PVC drain connections before I do the final assembly to make sure they are the right length before gluing. In order for them to line up with my existing drain, they have to be pretty close to exact. There is a few bends on the way so it is not a straight shot.

Is there a recommended way to get the pipe to bottom out in the fitting but still be easily removed and cleaned before gluing? I was thinking liquid soap but I wasn't sure if that would affect the glue. Basically, it looks like I still have a 1/4" more I could push it in to the elbows, etc but if I force it, I will never get it apart.

On a similar note, I am assuming that I need to push the pipe into the fitting until it bottoms out for the best seal. Is that a correct assumption?

Thanks for your help!!

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