Re: cold radiators
Posted by Terry Conquest on December 16, 2002 at 18:29:34:
In response to Re: cold radiators
IF you have an older sytem (8 years plus) a number of things may cause the problem.
1. An airlock may exist, so although the radiators and some pipe work has been bled, the airlock still remains. You may want to try turning the pump up witht the rads closed.

2. If you live in a hard water area and do not have a water softener, it is possible for scale to build up in pipes, thus preventing water from flowing at a reasonable rate. this one is kinda hard to deal with without tracing the spot where it is blocking, though thee are chemicals that can deal with it, often with older systems the chemicals promote leaks.

3. The pump may be defective (it still sounds like it's turning but the shaft has broken.)

Hope this will at least help to trace the problem


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