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Posted by Terry Love on December 13, 2002 at 21:50:02:
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The particles are most likely the "dip tube" of the water heater. There was a recall in 1999 for dip tubes, however the settlement period is over now. One problem that they cause, is of course the plugged up aeators on faucets.
As they break off and get shorter, the next problem becomes reduced capacity of the heater.
The water starts taking a shorter route to the hot outlet, leaving most of the water setting unused in the tank.

: Hi,
: Since the last week the water pressure in our kitchen sink and one of our bathroom sinks has dwindled down to a few drops. I tried opening the ends of one of the bathroom faucets and found these blue colored particles that were blocking the water flow. I cleaned them out and the water flow improved a lot. What are these particles and why do they show up only through certain outlets?

: thanks,
: Rakesh

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